About the Author – Joe Tighe

9CJoe Tighe is a seasoned Information Technology Management Consultant leading M&A IT programs.  He has more than 20 years of professional experience.  Joe believes the effective management of information technology (IT) throughout the merger and acquisition (M&A) lifecycle; from early capability development and due diligence through detailed planning and execution is critical to driving overall M&A transaction success.

Latest Thinking:

IT benefits with no M&A deal involved.  Governments and companies can leverage M&A IT approaches, tools and techniques to realize significant business and IT benefits even if no M&A is involved.  If used effectively, organization leaders can, at any time, create a M&A simulation and initiate IT transformation that can have an impact on the bottom line.

My Career High:

“I recently was able to assist a health care insurance client with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent its business through a M&A transaction. Under very aggressive time-lines and project requirements, I lead a team through the completion of ten parallel projects including: (1) Contracts and licensing, (2) data center build, (3) LAN, (4) call center, (3) conversion to .NET infrastructure (4) virtualized servers and storage, (5) wide area networking and (6) security.  Over an 6-month period, due in large part to the successful M&A program activities, the clients IT infrastructure program budget was reduced by over $5 million. Throughout the program there were lots of naysayers questioning the ability of the team to pull off the effort. Through lots of hard work and the efforts of lots of talented people, the program was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.”

Core Skills:

Pre:   Business Alignment, Merger and Acquisition IT Due Diligence

Post: Program Management, Compliance, Cost Reduction


“M&A transactions represent a unique opportunity for companies to transform their IT operations. Companies seizing the opportunity from the earliest stage will not only accelerate the overall time-line and increase the chances of transaction success but will transform the new IT organization into a much more effective and scalable organization.”

– Joe Tighe,  IT Management Consultant

IT Infrastructure Conversions:

Munich Re America

CNG Global

Sterling Medical Insurance

Journal Broadcast Group






Hartford Insurance

Bay Networks

US West

Pacific Bell

Insight Communications


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